The highly anticipated opening of Dunmore do Sol, the world's first premium kiteboarding hotel has unfortunately been delayed due to bureaucratic difficulties. As of May 1st 2005 the local governing body in charge of environmental development, S.E.M.A.C.A. implicated a new law requiring all future development projects to be approved using a new appraisal process called, E.I.A./R.I.M.A.

Due to the pristine location of Dunmore do Sol, a large percentage of it will need to be reviewed by the E.I.A. /R.I.M.A. process. This review process is expected to take at least 6-9 months before any hotel construction can begin due to the scale of the region involved and the detailed bureaucratic process that has to be completed to finalize approval.

Although the hotel has been delayed, we have gotten approval to build at least one lagoon which should be completed in August.

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We apologize for the delay, but some things are just beyond our control.